Globe Trotters

Oct, 2017

Globe Trotter is a sandbox game made during the “Connected objects” seminar that lasted a week. We wanted to create a game that can be played by everyone with an inclusive controller.

Link to the online game page

Type: Sandbox game
Platforms: Windows
Inputs: Alternative controller
Tools: Unity / Wwise


  • Making of the controller box
  • Camera and ball movement
  • Wwise and sound integration

The team

  • Solène Bontemps (Artist)
  • Yufeng Huang (Artist)
  • Thais Arias (Designer)
  • Lena Dobric (Designer)
  • Clément Charvin (UX designer)
  • Hélios Moreaux (UX designer)
  • Antoine Chabroux-Wert (Sound designer)
  • Yannis Attard (Developer)
  • Antoine Le Lay (Developer)
  • Fanny Prele (Developer)
  • Victor Gallet (Developer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)