Dec, 2016

Unfold is a cooperative shoot’em up made in one month with the theme “Shooter”, the goal of this project was to learn us how to work as a team on a longer project.

Link to the online game page

Type: Cooperative shoot'em up
Platforms: Windows
Inputs: Gamepad
Tools: Unity / Wwise


  • Shooter mechanics
  • Wwise integration
  • Sound spatialization
  • Menu flow and tutorial

The team

  • Jean-Elie Docher (Producer)
  • Solène Bontemps (Artist)
  • Manon Rilhac (Artist)
  • Marie Lou Boisaubert (UX designer)
  • Alexandre Bobe (Sound designer)
  • Jean Nicolas (Game designer)
  • Thomas Francisco (Developer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)

Unfold is a cooperation and shooter game for two with one blindfolded person. The first character, which is a little fox has to guide the second one, an energic grandma, with sounds in order to spot possessed origamis and unfold them.

My work on the game was to fastly prototype different ideas to choose what can be made on the given time. I also had to find a way to create a good sound spatialization, and ease the integration of the work from our sound designer into the Unity project.

The choice has been made to use Wwise, because the sound designer didn’t had the time to learn how to use Unity during the project and it was also a good opportunity to try it.

My other tasks on the project includes the wave system and few polish effects (stun, ennemy tagging).