Sep, 2016

The goal of this exercise was to create at least 4 different landscapes and tell a story through them. The main constraint was to not having a living person, because this would have created questions like : who are them ? why are they here ?

Type: Interactive installation
Platforms: Android
Inputs: Touch
Tools: Unity / Wwise


  • Touch screen controls
  • Scratch effect
  • Music integration

The team

  • Tara Quinsac (Artist)
  • Noémie Szmrzsik-Cohard (Artist)
  • Charlotte Couder (Game designer)
  • Anize Amestoy (Sound designer)
  • Yannis Attard (Developer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)

Our main idea was to tell the story of an old civilization, with the following landscapes : a desert of skin and hair, a mountain of flesh and muscles, a river of dead bodies, a mountain of household appliances, a forest of pylon and cameras.

The visitor must scratch the tablet to discover a fresco on which they can move with touch controls. The device was hidden in a box that the visitor must open to begin the experience.

To make this possible I’ve created a big texture that fit the size of the fresco, when the user touch the screen with one finger I’ve drawn a circle in the texture. To draw the circle I’ve used the Bresenham circle algorithm.

The main problem with this method is that the CPU overhead is really high, for an art installation it was okay but it would not be possible for a game. The idea that I’ve to fix this problem is to divide the texture in multiple smaller textures, but it has never been implemented for the moment.