ENJAM 2017

Oct, 2017

Castle Rush is a local multiplayer arcade game made during the ENJAM 2017’s game jam. The theme was: “Do not attack”.

Link to the online game page

Type: Local multiplayer arcade
Platforms: Windows
Inputs: Gamepads
Tools: Unity / Wwise


  • Pieces special behaviors (dash and sprint to avoid the player)
  • Wwise integration

The team

  • Guillaume Voisinet (Project manager)
  • Paul Gaston (Game designer)
  • Eva Abollivier (Game designer)
  • Alexandre Cornudet (Artist)
  • Hélène Boudier (Artist)
  • Antoine Chabroux-Wert (Sound designer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)

Our idea was that you’re playing a god and your tribe want to attack the other tribe, you must keep your soldiers on your side by picking them up and place them in your base.

My goal on this jam was to get a simple game fast (by the end of the first day) and polish it on the second day of the jam to get something that seems really finished.

By the end of the first day the main mechanics was working, only the special behaviors (a dash and a sprint effect for two special pieces) was to code. But the integration of the Wwise project took some time, I first had to learn how to use the switch system that enable to create an interactive music. And there were also sound effects that took more time to get in the game.

At the middle of the afternoon I implemented all the menus (main menu, lobby, credits, in-game pause and victory), and got the animations integrated one hour before the deadline. A Unity Collab pull got some of my modifications vanished, but the game is in the end fun to play even if the colliders need some rework and we could have discover that sooner with a playtest session with an other team.

This game jam was still one of my best because our workflow was very smooth and it was a joy to work on this game.