Crazy toy city

Apr, 2017

Crazy toy city is an arcade party game made for the Gamers Assembly 2017’s game jam. The theme was : “City-game” and we got 48h.

Link to the online game page

Type: Platformer action
Platforms: Windows
Inputs: Gamepad
Tools: Unity


  • Car driving mechanic
  • Building capture system
  • 3D models integration

The team

  • Axy Struggle (Artist)
  • Sylvain Antoine (Artist)
  • Nicolas Delamare (Producer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)

The main difficulty that I’ve encountered in this game was the capture system. To keep in memory the position that the player has been through, I’ve partitioned the world in a grid and I’ve saved the cells on which the player has driven.

In a big compound array I’ve stored the building GameObject and the cells around it, if a player’s positions array contains all the cells around one building then he captures it.

Also, if a cell is going to be added to the player’s positions array then we know that he looped and we can remove its path and check if he captures a building.