Mar, 2017

Sana is a VR puzzle game made for the Laval Virtual 36h game jam. The HTC controllers are placed on the player’s feet, and he must accomplish balance re-education exercices to end the level.

Type: VR Puzzle game
Platforms: Windows
Inputs: HTC Vive
Tools: Unity / VRTK


  • VRTK integration
  • Setup of the triggers (puzzle)
  • 3D integration

The team

  • Yoann D'Orlandi (Artist)
  • Kévin Leclerc (Game designer)
  • Soufian Maaté (Developer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)

The theme we choosed for the jam was : “Medical”, we quickly thought about using the controllers on the player’s feet and from this we get the final idea. This was my first VR and 3D game, it was a great exercise to learn both at the same time while getting the chance to develop on a HTC Vive device.

It was my first experience in VR development and the VRTK library helped us a lot to quickly setup a space where the player can move and interact with the puzzles. The time span was very short, so we had to be efficient in our development.