Pedalboard disorder

Dec, 2016

Pedalboard disorder is a 2D puzzle game mixing Audio and logical problems. It was made during the Global game jam at Angoulême (France). The theme was : “Waves” and we got 48h.

Link to the online game page

Type: Audio puzzle
Platforms: Windows
Inputs: Mouse
Tools: Unity / Wwise


  • Grid and inventory system
  • Wwise integration
  • Tool to create new type of block
  • UI design and implementation

The team

  • Anize Amestoy (Sound designer)
  • Jean Nicolas (Game designer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)

This was the second time that I was using Wwise in a project. The main difficulty was to find a way to keep the main track and the solo track synchronised, for that we always play the solo track but we mute it. When the player press a play button we fade-in and fade-out at the end.

It was also one of the first time I was making a game heavily based on UI, it has been a really great experience and I learned a lot about Unity UI system.