Welcome to Dalaca

Dec, 2016

Welcome to Dalaca is an arcade game made for the GAMERella game jam at Poitiers (France). The theme was : “Inter / Connections” and we got 48h.

Link to the online game page

Type: Platformer action
Platforms: Windows
Inputs: Gamepad
Tools: Unity


  • Implementation of mini-games
  • UI and sound integrations

The team

  • Marie Lou Boisaubert (Game designer / Artist)
  • Colette Paugame (Game designer / Artist)
  • Florent Chardevel (Sound designer)
  • Clément Rondeau (Developer)

You’re the technician behind the immigration website of the Dalaca, try to keep it online as long as you can ! You will have to click on popup to close them, and you sometimes will have to write small programs to patch the server. Also the visitors are leaving data while they search the website, so you’ll have to clean the server by hitting the “Refresh” button.

This game jam was targeted to beginners and people who have never take part in such events, so I’ve been asked to help on programming problems and tools usage. The game was made in around 20hours so we had to make something small and fun, the puzzles was a way to add content without taking the risk to don’t have a game at the end.

The most interesting puzzle to create was the “code writing” one where you have to type frantically on your keyboard to write the text. The gameobject read the text content from a file and when the player hit a button we add a new letter to the text area, simple but fun to watch.

(Sorry the game is in French)